Monday, August 5, 2013


Zoos...museums...bounce places...parks...these are all places that we frequent often.  For the most part, we plan these trips thinking about what Jenna would like to do and where her friends are going to be.
But now that Alex is getting older, we have to consider him into our plans as well.  He's no longer the little brother who gets pushed around a stroller while his big sister gets to play. 

Last week, I spent the day with my little guy and his friends at the zoo.  He got to feed all the animals. He got to decide which direction we took. He got to share his picnic lunch with a friend.  All the big brothers and sisters were at camp and these little ones (all under 2) got to have it their way at the zoo.  

I felt like I was cheating on Jenna, being that she loves the zoo. And I was surprised that she didn't figure it out herself since she's such a sleuth! But it was so nice to just follow in Alex's lead.  

Shh! Don't tell Jenna he was holding hands with another girl!

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  1. It's so nice to give the little ones their own time - I'm starting to realize that. That last photo is just too cute!!!