Monday, June 17, 2013


We have been a little off schedule here the past couple of weeks.  And Monday was the beginning of normalcy again. Everyone was going where they were supposed to - Mike and Jenna to work and school and me and Alex off to do whatever Monday had in store for us.  
Monday turned out to be a beautiful day and we decided to go to the pool and meet up with my friend and her new baby (that I hadn't met yet).  Usually, I pick Jenna up at school early and go to the pool with both kids, but today, I decided that Alex needed some mommy time and I needed some time to cuddle with a new little girl (both of which wouldn't happen if I had both kids with me). 

I didn't tell Jenna because I  knew it would upset her that we went without her and I did my best for Alex and I to be in normal clothes before we picked her up.  

Well...god help me that girl is a sleuth!!

Clue #1: As we were getting out of the car, she went up to Alex and goes, "He smells like the pool. Did you guys go to the pool?"Upon which I lied and said, "No honey - I just put sunscreen on him since it was sunny out today."

About 2 minutes later....

Clue #2: "Why are Alex's lips red?? You DID go to the pool! He had ices there!!" Keeping up with the lie and adding on a distraction, I said, "Alex had an ice today at home - you know the pops we have - you want one when we get upstairs?"

5 minutes later...
Clue #3: As she was taking a picture of me with my phone, she came across this picture:

"Mommy! Alex was at the pool!!" I lied AGAIN and said "This picture is from the weekend silly goose!"

By the look she gave me, I'm pretty sure she knew better...I was definitely busted...
I hope I'm as good of a sleuth as she is when she's a teenager and trying to hide crap from me!

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