Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Definitely NOT Experts

A lot of times, our 'new-er' mom/dad friends will ask us our advice on all things parenting....especially sleep stuff.

Now I'll be the first to say it - we messed up the sleep thing with Jenna - I mean she's four and sleeps on our floor! When she was younger and we tried all the different methods out there of sleep training - she inevitably ended up crying and puking...crying and was awful.  At 18 months she catapulted herself from the crib and I don't think she's spent a single night since then on her own in her own bed.

Then came Alex...we were determined to do a better job with him and (fingers crossed) it's been pretty good.  He has been 'self soothing' himself to sleep for as long as I can remember and typically fusses for about 10 minutes and goes to sleep.  But as with anything, we have our ups and downs.  Toward the beginning of the summer, we had to let him cry it out and it lasted over an hour but then the next night, was back to normal.  Last night he wasn't really crying, but definitely fussing a lot in his crib and we were just letting him do his thing. After almost two hours(!) the monitor looked like this:

Asleep standing up! 

Just hoping his neck doesn't hurt in the morning!

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  1. that is literally the funniest/best kid picture I have ever seen! he actually looks cozy!