Sunday, July 28, 2013

How many more years til sleep away camp?

I feel like all any parent wants is for their kids to have more opportunities than they had.  
I had an amazing childhood, filled with lots of opportunities but the one thing I kind of always wanted but didn't get was sleepaway camp.  

Jenna's 1st letter
Now, since I know my mom reads this, I want to let everyone know that I did go to day camp and then travel teen camp, and then in college, spent a semester abroad...But there was always sleepaway camp.  I still have letters from my friends that they wrote to me while they were away (stored in a closet at my parent's house).  

2012 - Carnival
Needless to say, I have talked to Mike about this, probably since before Jenna was born.  He had barely heard of these kinds of camps (obviously not from the NYC area).  And he's had mixed emotions about the thought of sending our kids away for the summer.  Now obviously, we have several years to make real decisions about this, but I think I need to lay the groundwork early on this one.
But as luck would have it, our very close family friends work at sleepaway camp and bring their two kids with them every summer (same age as Jenna and Alex). And we have made the trip to their camp for the past three summers.  

I don't have all the pictures yet from the "good" camera since our friends are still at camp and sending me pictures is not top on their priority list...but I can't wait to see the lake pictures -The girls got to swim, go tubing, canoeing and both my kids played on the 'aqua playground.'

2013 - Rock Band
I'm pretty sure I have Mike convinced to send the kids...or maybe I've convinced him to spend 6 weeks at camp without the kids...Either way we always have a blast when we go and they'll probably have two new campers in a few years!! 
How we keep in touch!

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  1. Some of my best childhood memories are from sleepaway camp. It's great that you have friends that work at a camp! Now that I'm a parent - I'm still in the "I can't EVEN imagine" mindset. We shall see as I never really know about anything until I am living in it. :)