Friday, July 19, 2013

Summer Mornings

Our schedule changed significantly this summer.  For the past year and a half, Jenna had been going to all day daycare and Alex has been home with me.  Starting July 1st, Jenna is going to a camp that starts at 11:30....This leaves me with both kids for several hours in the morning. 
We decided on this camp/schedule several months ago for a couple of reasons:
1. The camp is at our pool club, which is where I spend most of my summer days anyway.
2. It was a more economical option.
Hide 'n Seek
3. This will be the last time probably EVER that my kids will have that chunk of unscheduled time together to just play and hang out.

With this schedule comes some drawbacks:
1. Alex's naps are all over the place - we're in and out of the car dropping Jenna off, so that just messes with everything.
2. The mornings can sometimes feel very very loooong.

But, as I'm writing this from a morning that felt particularly long, I'm happy we made this decision.

My kids are really truly playing together: This morning it was hide and go seek...other days it's painting a  mural....or racing the Matchbox cars...or lining up the princesses for a book...and sometimes (when Mommy's feeling really tired) it's a movie morning.

Matching band aids
The mornings are hard, I'm not going to pretend they're not.  And I do think back to the days when I only had one kid and think about how I didn't realize how easy I had it.  But my kids are cute.

And there's nothing I love more these days than watching them play together. 

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