Thursday, July 11, 2013

Date Night!

Date Night Selfie
Alex has had my pretty much unshared attention for most of his days. Since he was born, Jenna has spent the day at daycare and now she has camp til 4:30.  But his nights have almost always been shared, and by shared I mean he gets the sh** end of the stick.  By the time I pick up Jenna, I want to hear about her day and spend time with her and being that Alex has me all day, Jenna tends to win the attention in the afternoon/evening hours.

But the other night, I had a night alone with my little man.  Mike was away on business and Jenna had a 'big girl sleepover' at Grandma and Papa's.  This left me with Alex...He woke up from his nap and for the first time we weren't running to go pick  his sister up.  We got to just hang out and play without any distractions.  We had dinner together and he got to take a long bath without the company of his big sister.  He got to pick out his books before bed (Jenna usually has an opinion about what we read to him) and he got some extra snuggles before bed, instead of some rushed kisses as we prep Jenna for her long, drawn out bedtime routine.

It was was quiet...and best of all? My night responsibilities ended at 7:00...a good two hours earlier than normal.


  1. He sounds like a fantastic date. And a cute one too :)