Wednesday, July 3, 2013

I Should Know Better...

You would think I would know better...
Due to some unforeseen circumstances, I found myself at the pediatrician's office with both kids.
We were there for Jenna (ear ache) and Alex had to come for the ride.
Within seconds of entering the office, Alex was pointing to the lollipop jar (why the eff is that out for the kids to see??!?) - "I want...I want...I WANT!!"
So I say to him, "ok...but only one lollipop"
Jenna of course wants one too, but she's a little more rational and understood when I told her she can wait until after her exam.
Alex proceeds to lick the crap out of his lollipop and it's done in like 5 seconds.
We're still in the waiting room.
"I want...I want...I WANT!"
What do I do? Well, luckily there were no other parents in the waiting room and I don't think the receptionists care, so I gave him another. Awesome parenting by me!

We get into the room and managing both kids to wait for the doctor and simultaneously not break all the doctor supplies is no small feat.

Jenna came away with a raging double ear infection...and I came out of there needing lots and lots of wine.

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