Thursday, July 22, 2010

Our New Reality

We checked out Jenna's daycare this week. Although I had been there before for the tour and information and filled out all the paperwork, today was the finalization of everything.  We saw the room that she will be in, the kids that will be in her class, and her teachers.  She even got to hang out for storytime with her soon-to-be BFFs! She did great.  Mike and I stood watching her while she listened to the teacher read a story.  When she got a little antsy, it was the teacher who calmed her down. 

Honestly, I wanted to run and grab her when she got a little upset, and it took all my will power not to.  I can't believe she starts in two weeks.  Next week, we go in together and spend an hour or so on one or two days.  Then August 2nd, I drop her off. Period. I'll start be leaving her there for a few hours a day, working up to a full day by the second week. 

I'm having some mommy guilt about starting her in August when I technically don't go back to work until the very end of the month.  And I'm sure many will judge me for taking this time to transition.  But I'm okay with this decision.  I have been away from work for what will be 18 months.  I need time to get my head around it and get my shit together.  This is near impossible to do while watching a toddler.  And I really feel like the more "ready" I feel for work, the better and easier all this will be.  I also want to be around if they need me to come get her or if she gets sick. I won't be able to do that once I'm back at work (my mom will have to do that for us).  I think know she's going to be happy there - so many kids, so many toys, and all the furniture is her height! At the same time I know it's going to be very bittersweet for me. 


  1. jenna will do great. you will do great. I think starting her early is a NO BRAINER and I'm super jealous that youwill have time to just be yourself again and enjoy a bit of summer. I'm not jealous that you are starting teaching again, which I guess means I am not ready.

  2. I am so excited for Olivia and Jenna to be BFF's...this is going to great for everyone! Seeing O at camp makes me feel that much better about day care. She knows so many names, loves swimming, loves to be active and goes to anyone at this point. It will def be hard for the both of us, however, I can not wait to see their first arts and crafts project! Starting Jenna in August is a great idea and will make for a much smoother transition in Sept.