Wednesday, July 21, 2010

You are my sunshine!

How I love awards! Harmony from Baby to Go sent this my way...

Here are the rules

#1 Thank Harmony (a big thank you!) and you should go to her blog and check her out.
#2 Share ten things about myself.
#3 Pass this on to 10 bloggers(it'll probably be closer to 5 - sorry!)
#4 Let the bloggers know I've picked them for the award

Okeedokee 10 things about me...

#1 - I'm a lefty - well, I write with my left hand (meaning I usually have marker and pen ink all over my hands and arm) but do everything else with my right (weird - I know)
#2 - I hate shopping.  I hate browsing through stores with no real purpose.  The thought of spending the day at the mall seriously makes me nauseous.  I will only go shopping if I have a very specific thing to buy. Gift cards are probably one of the worst things to give me because they sit in my wallet forever!
#3 - I really trust my "sixth sense" - When I get that nervous feeling in my stomach - it's usually right
#4 - Studying abroad in London my junior year of college was one of the best decisions/experiences of my life - living in Europe and getting to travel all over was just amazing.  I hope Jenna wants to go abroad.
#5 - I try to act all tough, but inside I'm really a sissy.
#6 - I come from a long line of long marriages - my parents are at like 45 years (and still love each other), and I think there's only one divorce in my whole extended family (both sides) - I tell my husband - when we say "I do" it's seriously for life
#7 - I'm jealous of moms who can still wear bikinis - although I'm back to my pre-pregnancy weight, those damn stretch marks did me in (eff you genes!)
#8 - I'm a huge "gamer" - I take competition very seriously.  Anything from license plate poker (ask me how to play) to scrabble (more than one person has cried during a game with my family) to headstand contests in the pool (Jen beat me last time) - I like to win.
#9 - I don't ever want to have a pet.  I like other people's pets, but have no desire to ever have one of my own.  I lived with a roommate who had a dog and you know what? The house smells - you get used to it when you live there, but that doesn't mean the smell goes away.  And I really don't believe that dogs belong in the city.
#10 - I'm feeling really sad about going back to work in September.

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Thanks to these blogs for the Not Mom of the Year contest - loved doing it, loved reading the entries!!

Thank you for making me a better writer - writing the letters to myself was one of the best things I've ever written and I don't know if I would've had the courage without your linky!


  1. you are totally NOT a sissy and cats make the best pets. thats all I have to say about that. :)

  2. Thanks so much for including me in your list..this brightened up my day :)

  3. Well thank you my dear! Katie's Bookcase's first award! I am honored! And you know what? I do not love all those mommas who can wear bikinis either. but it's because I am totally jealous!