Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Flip Offs


First time participating in the Friday Flip-offs from Kludgy Mom. For those that really know me...joining this was a no-brainer:

I would like to formally flip off the following:

*The contractor (who shall remain nameless because I'm a lady) who promised us he would redo our closet months ago, took $200 dollars from us for "plans" and never called us back. We still have a crappy closet, but now instead we are going to redo our kitchen and bathroom - much bigger job - and you lost out on it.  You're a d-bag!

* The woman who grunted and groaned at our strollers, let the door slam in our face and told us we were selfish - as I said to her then - karma's a bitch!

* Stretch marks - really?!? I lost all my baby weight...I actually weigh less than before I was pregnant - but you damn things won't go away so no two-piece bathing suits for me...ever.again.

* Cobra why are you so f'ing expensive?!? I don't care what political side you're on, my health insurance while my hubby found a new job should not be the same as my mortgage payment!

God that felt good...join in on the fun here...


  1. stretch marks. F'n AWFUL! But? They're battle scars, wear them proudly.

  2. Hi!! I'm so excited when I see new flippers in the flipoffs!!! Welcome! I am right there with you on the cobra. We had it last year and it's honestly a devastating hit to the budget.

    Have a graet weekend and hope to see you next week!!!

  3. Yay for first flips! That contractor sounds like a jerk!
    Hope you'll have a great weekend :D

  4. Hooray! Glad you joined in! The flips are always a fun way to end the week.
    AND I've met lots of new bloggers that way.

  5. Oh, girl... first, so glad you have joined in on FFOs. You won't regret it. Second, I'm gonna second the stretchmark flip for the 2nd time today. Thanks kidlets once again. Love you too. Have a good one!

  6. I sure hope your suing that contractor!!! That is crazy ridiculous! My mom had a similar problem except they paid 600 dollars to get a concrete porch put in and the people put it in but it rained and they put a tarp over it and said they would come back to fix it cause all the rain made huge dents etc and they never showed and closed the company down.

  7. Love the Friday flip offs. I can totall get on board next week. Right now off from work relaxing with friends. My mom told us to use baby oil from stretch marks, I've lost some weight and it does help.