Thursday, April 29, 2010


Just had a conversation with my hubby re: babysitters...

We have a baby who goes to sleep (pretty consistently) around 7:00.  She also (pretty consistently) sleeps until 6:00.  I know I know - we are very lucky.
Here's the catch - we were invited to a friend's house for dinner Friday night - we're talking BBQ!! To apartment dwellers like ourselves, this is awesome! Our friends have a kid who also goes to sleep around that time, but of course he'll be upstairs in his room, sleeping while we have dinner/drinks. 
Now J is not wonderful about falling asleep outside her normal routine (I guess that's the catch with consistency - you can't be inconsistent!!)
So I ask my parents to babysit Friday night so we can have a night out.  No big deal.  Grandma and Papa are happy to do it - Mom will come over early, hang out with J and then help me put her to bed...When hubby gets home, we'll go out.

I'm excited - I call Mike and his response?!!? "I don't think it's fair to make them just sit in our house while she sleeps."  Ummm that's what babysitters do! What are we supposed to do? Keep her up so they can have some quality time with her even though that probably means a very cranky baby on Saturday?  He said we'll discuss it later.

I think he's nuts. I'm going to win. I would like a night out with some friends.  Mike loves to BBQ. I think this is a no-brainer...

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    and yeah what are your options #1 take her and risk that she doesnt sleep, you wont have as much fun #2 pay some kid to sit in your apt or #3 just have your parents do it. I vote for #3, that is our sat night! i cant wait for a date!!!!!!