Friday, April 30, 2010

My 15 minutes of fame...

Happened when J was about 5 months old.  Hubby forwards me a random email he got at work that the Tyra show is looking for new mommies for an upcoming show.  He thought I would delete it like I do all his other forwards.  But for whatever reason, on that day, I decided to make the phone call to the producer at the Tyra show.  Conversations ensued.  I had to talk to assistants, assistant producers and finally the producer herself (I guess J was napping well that day!).  We talked about all sorts of stuff, from poopy diapers to breast feeding (where I discussed my bloody nipples) to stretch marks (I forwarded them pics of my belly - what was I thinking?!?!) to sex after baby (or lack there of) to loss of hair (mine came out in handfuls).  They LOVED me...I'm one of those people who is not easily embarrassed and was willing to give some pretty juicy details about my life.

Basically the girl told me that I would be picked up (in a LIMO) driven to the studio where I would have my HAIR and MAKEUP DONE and they would give me my question there. They said anything we discussed on the phone is up for grabs for me to ask on air.  Okay - that made me a little nervous.  I discussed some pretty personal stuff - but I figured - why not?

Day comes, I try to look as thin as possible - the car picks me up - very cool! We go to a holding area where only the girls asking questions are getting hair & makeup (that's me!) and they tell me my question - now here's what's crazy - not only do they tell me my question, but we rehearse it - over and over and over and over...People who ask questions on talk shows have rehearsed them and been given feedback.  I was told things like "Be more outgoing! Add more feeling! Get into it!" Really?!?! My question was about my hair falling out and how long it would last - pretty simple - but instead it came out with a little more "I'm on a first name basis with my plumber!!" (UGH - I'm embarrassed just hearing that again!)
I look enormous in this pic - but how cute is that shirt?!

Some rules from the Tyra Show:
*Do not correct Tyra...even if she says the wrong name - you do not correct the host.
*No food or water - that's right - mostly BFing moms - sorry - no water!
*No bathroom (are you kidding?)
*No cellphones - don't worry about your new infant at home - you can't reach the babysitter anyway!

Oh and what they don't tell you is that you're going to be gone for well over 6 family was very worried...but in the end it was fun and I got an adorable T-shirt and my fave Tyra mug (if we were on Oprah I probably would've gotten a Bugaboo - but whatever!)

Coffee tastes better out of the Tyra mug

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  1. voted! do you have a you tube clip????

  2. i couldn't find one - i looked everywhere

  3. YOU ARE SOOO FUNNY! I love reading your blog. not a Tyra Banks fan..being gone for 6 hours would have killed me.