Saturday, May 1, 2010

Park Days = Exhaustion!

Took a little trip into Manhattan today...which involved some subway riding on the way there (with some terrible people who use the elevator and push in front of the strollers insetad of using the escalator - so freaking LAZY!!), some running around time at Borders (to kill some time), a delicious lunch at Alice's Tea Cup (buttermilk scone = heaven!), Central Park, and subway ride home (with some super nice people who helped us carry the strollers up the stairs). 

This may sound like a lovely, laid back day, but I am unbelievably EXHAUSTED!!! When did having lunch and hanging out at the park become exhausting activities?!!? Oh right...about 13+ months ago when I had a baby. 

Lunch was great, but not only am I feeding myself but I'm also feeding a ridiculously hungry toddler (if you saw her eat, you'd think I hadn't fed her in days - but it's more like minutes!).  And J can pretty much go from 'I'm so happy eating my lunch and smiling at everyone' to 'Get me out of this high chair NOW...I said NOW...Mommy NOW' in about 30 seconds.  At which point, it's "check please!' and out the door.  Sometimes I feel like I'm that rat on the wheely thing - always moving, always in a rush. 

And the park...I can't imagine why I'm tired after running around after her in a big grassy field (I can understand why people fence in their backyards and send their kids outside). 
But seriously, an amazing day - the weather was perfect, the company was awesome (I love the new friends I've made this past year), and J was such a good little girl...just one with a whole lotta energy!!

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  1. hopefully the fun in the sun knocked her out. C not so much... we are back on 430 wake up time