Wednesday, April 28, 2010

More Kids?!?!

I don't know what it is about Jenna turning one but all of a sudden we've started talking about the future of our family (meaning when should we start trying for baby #2).  Not only have hubby and I started talking about it - but people have started asking us.  This last part is kind of weird to me considering my brother and I are 5 years apart...but I guess nowadays people have kids closer together since women are starting their families a little later.  I dunno!

I'm also finding myself drawn to the little babies that are around. One of my good friends is going to have a baby this week and I honestly cannot wait to just cuddle with a teeny tiny newborn...I mean it'll be great to give the baby back to her parents, but still.  Everyone says it goes so fast and it really does. It makes my uterus twitch just thinking about it!
In all honesty, I kind of want to have kids close together just so that the whole infancy/diaper phase of MY life is over quicker.  I also am at the point where I finally have my body back but I know it's just on loan until I get pregnant again.  So let's just get the pregnancies done with so I can have my body back for good. The thing that scares me is that having kids that close in age means that life is complete chaos for a while (or forever)...but then again, isn't life pretty chaotic now anyway?!?!

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  1. you will be a great mommy to more! and then I can have newborn cuddles (those days might be thru here!)