Monday, March 1, 2010


Lately I've been obsessed with something and I'm finding that my friends are obsessed with it as well:


Not our sleep (although it is thoroughly affected) but our kids' sleep...not just did they or didn't they sleep last night, but what they did to get to sleep, how long did they sleep, where did they sleep, did they arouse from their sleep, did they sleep with a 'lovey', who was in the room when they fell asleep...and that's just some of the topics about their nighttime sleep...

Because as all mommies know - daytime sleep is just as many naps, what time are the naps, how long are the naps, are the naps in the crib or in the stroller, are you always home for the naps, are they the same time everyday, do the naps affect their bedtime....on and on and on...who knew that SLEEP could be such a huge topic?!!?

I was starting to feel like I should boycott this topic of conversation all together - I was tired (pun intended) of talking about J's sleep and honestly tired of hearing about everyone else's kids' sleeping. But then I realized, the reason we talk about it so much is because it has such a major effect on our lives - sleep determines whether our kids are in good moods or cranky which in turn determines we (the mommies & daddies) are in good moods or sleep it is!(which I am happy to report baby J is doing right now...)                         
  she used to sleep ANYWHERE!                

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  1. I know, it can be obsessive... Ill try to stop talking about baby C's (lack of) sleep... :( But as someone who has not had a full night of sleep since March 16, 2009... yes all you new moms or moms to be out there...its rough!!!!!!!

    just remember, someday sooner than we realize we will be having to force them out of bed for school :)