Monday, March 1, 2010

Back to Being Mommy

Well my wish came true and we were probably one of the last flights out of NY on Thursday. I'm not going to lie and say it was easy leaving J behind...I cried from the minute we closed our apartment door until we got to the airport (and a couple of more tears shed throughout our time at the airport) but knowing she was in great hands made it easier (and calling to check in three times a day helped too!)

Although there was lots of snow we still made it to the airport in record time meaning we had almost three hours to kill before our flight took off and being that we were now officially just Mike and Melissa (and not Mommy and Daddy) - we bellied up to the airport bar and proceded to get our drink on...Most of the people in the bar were also heading to Vegas (it seemed to be the only flight that was still scheduled to take off) so it was a pretty rowdy bunch...

Vegas was great - the hotel was AMAZING, the shops, the food, the entertainment, the spa...spotting Troy Aikman working out at the gym...And the best part - getting to know my husband again. I mean that may sound silly to some people but with a baby at home at times we feel like we're living parallel lives. Many of our conversations revolve around baby J and we spend our time taking care of her - it was great for US to just be US for a few days.

As nice as it was to be away, it was just as wonderful to come parents picked us up at the airport and J was sleeping in the car seat.  I could not take my eyes off of her - I know you're not supposed to wake a sleeping baby, but I wanted so badly for her to wake up and smile at me. I couldn't believe how much I missed her...When she woke up she didn't exactly cry out in excitement like I selfishly wanted her to but I can tell (or at least I'm telling myself) that she's really happy we're home and back to our "normal" routines.

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  1. jealous!!!!!!!!!!!! sounds like a great trip!!!!!!