Wednesday, May 25, 2011

5 Days

Five days...120 hours...4 bedtime routines....1 soccer game

That's how long we were away from our little girl.

And I'm going to say (without any guilt) that it was amazing.

Now I don't know if the grandparents were lying to make us feel better, but according to them, she was perfect...I think the word "angel" was used.  As parents, we're always obsessed with sleep and that was all I wanted - was for her to sleep well for them...and she did. Some minor bumps, but all in all "perfect" (their words, not mine).

Enough about her - let me get to us - the weather couldn't have been better, the swim up bar couldn't have had better daily cocktails, and the lazy river couldn't have been any - well - lazier.  We slept well, ate well, drank well and we got to watch our best friends get married on the beach - who could ask for better than that?

I am eternally grateful to our parents who happily watched our little girl and didn't make us feel guilty about it (in fact, they told us we deserved it).

We missed our little girl, and she definitely missed us, but we didn't spend our days talking about her...and honestly the look on her face when she saw us walk through the door was worth going away for.  We got to be just Melissa and Mike...just husband and wife...for 5 wonderful days.

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