Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday Flip Offs 10.15

Back by popular demand (well not really demand, but I got some stuff to flip off)

#1 Absolute biggest flip off ever might be the a-holes...err - people who think it's okay to ask me when I'm going to "try for #2?" - Ummm is it your damn business?!? People: let's make this clear: You should never ask a person a) if they're pregnant (that will never go well) and b) when/if they are trying...seriously with all the crap that goes on with baby making - you still have the balls to ask me...well STOP. 

#2 Hey all you know-it-alls who think teachers should get merit pay?!? Umm...children are not bottom lines.  I do not sell a product nor do I have clients.  I teach children to do and be the best they can.  Period.  We do not pay firefighters based on the amount of fires they put out or police officers on the amount of arrests made - so really? Teachers should not be paid based on how their students score on some standardized test that business people and politicians developed.  Thank you very much. 

A Flip Off to the parents who do not call teachers back.  It's your kid's education I'm calling to discuss. C'mon...find 5 minutes to give me a ring. 

#3 Flipping Off time - why is there never enough of it? I feel like by the time we finish with J's nighttime routines and have our own (dinner/showers) it's freaking bedtime.  Mike and I are like two passing ships in the water.  BOO!!

#4 A final Flippity Flip Off to the never-ending cold/cough my kid now has since starting daycare.  As my pediatrician said so bluntly, "Daycares keep peds in business." I love you daycare, I really do, but please keep your colds to yourself. I do like to sleep at night.

Happy Friday everyone!

My goal next week is to get some more posts done over here...(see flip off #3)

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  1. i agree with all of it. esp #1 and #3. happy friday. have a great weekend and enjoy some mike time on sat! see ya sunday. we were up at 455 so i have "extra" time in my day lol

  2. Oh my god, you teacher merit pay rant - wow, so spot on! Seriously.
    thanks for linking up!!

  3. But seriously...are you going to try for #2? Yeah, that is obnoxious.

    And I think humans should be able to survive on three hours of sleep. It would really solve that #3 problem.

  4. Teachers can never be paid enough for what you do. Especially the really good ones. My sons have both been fortunate and had all good teachers throughout their public school educations. I do flip off parents who want to blame their lazy ass kids' failure on the school. BS.

  5. This post made me laugh...because I have had so many of the same thoughts!! Especially about the teachers and merit pay thing. That infuriates me to no end. Looking forward to seeing you on Friday!