Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I May Have Married a Rock Star

The last few nights have been some of our worst ever.  I don't know if we're spoiled with a good sleeper but my body just can't handle the middle of the night wake ups.  Thinking back (and it's kind of strange that my memory is blurry) I was never great at it.  Very early on, when J was still waking up to eat at 12 and 4, I remember saying to Mike, I'll take the 4:00 because I needed to get a decent stretch of sleep in order to function.  Waking up at midnight was too early in my sleep.

But this weekend, we had a very sick little girl on our hands.  And middle of the night wakeups ensued...not to eat, but to medicate.  And not only are we not used to it, but now I'm back at work, where I can't really "fake it" during the day.   I love teaching, but one downside is that I can't just sit in front of my computer pretending to work and check emails.  I have 27 little kids who require a whole lot of me (especially this time of year). 

And Mike has been a rock star.  I'm talking as soon as he hears her stir over the monitor, he's in her room, settling her back in.  He's prepared with medicine, water, and hugs to get her back to sleep.  And all this with a smile mouthing to me "Go back to sleep, babe." I fought with him a few times, but then I stopped fighting and went back to bed.  Still awake, but at least resting. 

He's a rock star.
And so is a gigantic cup of coffee which keeps me from turning into a mean mean teacher. 

So thank you Mike and Dunkin!


  1. that's awesome. Mine doesn't even flinch or pause in his snoring when the kids wake up.

  2. Mommy thinks Daddy has night-deafness... it doesn't matter anyway, since all I want is Mommy at night!

  3. It's so true - being a teacher is such an "on" job, you CANNOT fake it. I'm very worried about similar things when I go back to work soon. I'm glad your hubby is stepping up to the plate. I hope your daughter feels better soon.

    Esperanza @