Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Daycare Day 1

The dreaded first day of daycare....went really well.

Dropped her off around 8:15am and she ran into the room with her adorable new teacher. I imagine it's pretty cool when everything and everyone is your size. I put her stuff in the cubby and snuck out before she could see me.  Got to the car and cried. It's hard leaving your kid in someone else's care.  For the record, we have left her before for extended periods of time, but never with anyone but family.
Called and spoke to the teacher around 10:00.  I so didn't want to be that mom but as my mom and sis in law said, "this is your baby and it's her FIRST day - call and check on her." So I did and the teacher said she was doing great and only cried for a few minutes.  (Part of me was like what the f**k?!? She doesn't miss me?!?) But of course it made me happy that she was having a good time.
Learning about musical instruments this week
I think she may be the next Picasso!

My big concern about daycare, especially for the first couple of days was/is the napping.  She still takes two naps most days, she's never napped on a cot before and she can sometimes be ::ahem:: a handful going to sleep.  So I called again (I am so that mom) around lunchtime and the teacher said she was still doing great and to leave her there for nap.  I hung up knowing that I had another two hours to myself before I could go get her and that was kinda really nice.
I went to pick her up around 2:30 and she had napped for an hour (the shortest nap of her class, but a nap nonetheless).  She was so so so excited to see me - the second she saw that I was there, she ran into my arms saying "mommy mommy" - god that felt good.
As a stay at home mom I don't get to have to many of those "oh my god it's so good to see you" hugs and kisses from her.  That was amazing.
The teacher said she had a wonderful day, was happy and friendly and easygoing.  As we walked out I started to cry again because well...I'm really proud of her.  She looks like such a big girl now and I am so relieved that she was so good for them and had fun.  I think she's going to do really well there. 

Love that there's a daily "report" & that she
cried for 10 min tops!

As a mom, I always said my goal is to raise an independent child and I think this whole daycare thing will really help with that.  I don't know if it will ever get easy to leave my daughter in someone else's care for extended periods of time, but I do think it's going to get smoother as the days go by.

Many of you got an email already, but I want to publicly thank all my friends/family who called to check on me today. I'm not usually the mushy type, but it was really nice to hear from everyone who was thinking of me/us today.  I felt really loved!! xoxo


  1. no surprises! she is so easy going and loves to be around people. awesome!!!!!!!

  2. Glad to hear the first day at daycare went well. It's always harder on the parents. I still hate leaving my daughter at daycare, but I just have to trust that she's in good hands. I, too, agree that daycare will help foster independence in our kiddos.