Thursday, June 10, 2010

the support that holds me up....

This week hubby had an overnight business trip and I don't know why but this time I was feeling  nervous about being home alone with Jenna.  Maybe it's because for the last week or so hubby has been doing bedtime and I've taken the backseat....but who knows? I've been alone with her before (he's had other trips) and she's a really good girl - even at night, but for whatever reason, I was feeling a little nervous.

And this is why we moved where we be close to family. My parents are spitting distance away and my brother and sister in law are a five minute ride.  So on a weeknight like this, when I needed wanted some extra hands, I had them.  My mom met me at the park in the afternoon and helped me chase Jenna around, giving me a little bit of a break.  Then came back to my house with my dad and helped me do all the bedtime stuff...and once J was in bed, I had dinner with them.  And when I say had dinner with them, I mean that they brought over food and my mom set the table and did the dishes (to my protest).  It was really nice being treated as a "guest" in my own home.  I didn't need them, but it was really nice to have them and  I think Jenna liked the extra company too - went to bed without a hitch and even slept a little later...hmmm maybe I should have them come over during the week more often....

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  1. can I adopt them as surragate neighborhood grandparents????