Monday, June 28, 2010

Seeing into the Future

You know how sometimes you start to have a conversation about your hypothetical future and then all of a sudden it's 15 minutes later, and you're practically arguing over something that has not happened Well then you have never witnessed some of my best arguments with my hubby.

Tonight's argument was about Jenna (who is 15 months old) and her not-yet-conceived sibling(s) and their sports schedules in high school.  Seriously. Ridiculous. I think one of my winning quotes went something like this, "If you think I'm going to work all day then go driving around to pick Jenna up at 7pm from some practice with the little one (who, I repeat does not exist yet!), you're crazy!"

Umm...yeah we were arguing over how many sports she (and futures) will play and how often and how many weekends it would take up...until finally, Mike (who is definitely the more level headed one) said "You realize that we're arguing about something that may or may not happen 15 years from now!" And we both laughed and moved on....

But seriously, mark my words...I will not be schlepping around every freaking weekend or every night for sports teams.  Ahhh it feels good to have the last word in - even if the argument shouldn't even be discussed.


  1. you TOTALLY will be spending every weekend at little league, softball, basketball, ballet, school plays and activities that havent even been thought of yet! hehe

  2. This sounds like a typical night in my house!!! Too funny.