Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mission Impossible

I had a plan for today...that's a joke right? Plans are a joke...But I made one anyway: Jenna would take her morning nap, we'd go to the park, have some lunch, go to our open play time at the gym, and then she'd take her afternoon nap (now here's the where it went wrong), during which I would go get a pedicure (afterall, it's flip flop weather and my toes are GROSS!) This is when Jenna laughed at my plan...well, not really, but it felt that way.  This wasn't that crazy of an idea by the way, she usually goes right to sleep after gym time - like I can barely keep her up goes to sleep....But today I had a plan and I guess Jenna wasn't down with the plan....
I walked and walked and paced back and forth outside the nail salon trying to get her to nap - she was scratching at her eyes, but kept popping back up...then here's the kicker...a lady with a dog walked in front of the stroller and Jenna throws herself up tosses the pacifier out of the stroller and points going "doggie! doggie! doggie!" I seriously wanted to kill this lady for walking in front of us!

So no pedicure for me - instead angry diappointed mommy walked Jenna back home and put her in the crib where she's sleeping now - Too bad the pedicurist doesn't make housecalls...

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