Monday, May 17, 2010

Blog Party 2010

I'm hoping the D-Listed Party people are stopping by today (and all this week)...For those that are reading this and 'meeting' me for the first time - a few things you should know:

* I am a soon to be 32 year old (Thursday's my birthday!) SAHM of a beautiful 14 month old daughter, Jenna

Isn't she adorable?!?

* I am going back to work in September and obviously have some very mixed feelings about it - I've been mommy-only  for the past 18 months and nervous about dusting off my "teaching hat"
*I read a lot and write reviews of the books I read - love getting and giving recommendations!
*I use elipses way too much - I'm a stream of consicous writer - in my head...and on the page
* I'm honest, I curse A LOT, drink too much coffee and too little alcohol (these days), love being home (most days at least), and think this mother-hood thing is f-ing hard but amazing!
* I try to tell it like it is with my kid, my husband, and my job...and keep a sense of humor about it all (it keeps me sane)

Some of my favorite posts...and if you've read them already, you should reread them and comment!

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  1. Going back to teaching? I'm sorry. I was a teacher too, but I still get to stay at home. Come visit me over at Knowlton Nest ( I'm your new follower.

  2. yeah i'm actually looking forward to it - i think! The decision to go back was ours - I don't have to which is nice - I don't feel like I'm being forced, more like it's time for me and for Jenna...Thanks for the follow!!

  3. Stoppin by from the D-list party and I too was a teacher before I had my little girl. I decided not to go back and I'm loving that decision, but I do miss knowing when all those fun Monday holidays occur.

  4. Hello Melissa,
    Stopping by from the D-List party. Your daughter is so cute! I am working towards my teacher cert. I don't want or, thankfully, need to work right now, but after the next baby gets a little older I'll want to start working again I'm sure. Glad to "meet you" I'm following your blog/twitter now can't wait to hear more!

  5. I don't know how I would feel about going back to work....ever. Treasure the time you have at home---it is so precious!

    Thanks so much for partying with me!

  6. Hi Melissa, I am stopping over from the D List party. I just went back to work at the end of March and it was really tough. I am hoping that it gets better soon. Your baby girl is just precious, enjoy these last few days with her!