Saturday, May 15, 2010

"Me" Time

So I've been having a little trouble lately with this thing called "me-time." The problem is that I feel like I don't have any (or at least not enough of it).  It kind of came to a head when I told Mike that I need new bras and really need to go to a good place for them (like get measured and stuff).  He said that I've been telling him for months that I need new ones and why don't I just go shopping...In his defense, he meant well -in his head he was saying - "go! take care of what you need to! no problem!"

But when should I go shopping?? (insert sarcasm here) When Jenna is sitting nicely in her stroller for a few hours?? - right - cause she NEVER does that! Stroller sitting is down to about 20 minutes TOPS and that's with lots of snacks to help keep her occupied.  I could go when she naps, you say? Well she naps in the morning around 8:30 am - find me a store that's open that early...and her afternoon naps can be anywhere from 25 minutes (today's) to 1 1/2 hours (yesterday's) - seriously hard to plan a shopping spree when her naps are so inconsistent. Weekends are an option I suppose, except it's the only time the three of us get to be together and we've been swamped lately with family and friend stuff.  There hasn't been a block of a couple of hours where we're not doing something.

I didn't exactly explain this is a nice calm manner like I should have.  It came off more as a rant (or a rage) about how I don't have time for some of the simplest things anymore.  I went on and on about how we're going to Florida next month and I'd really like (need!) some new bathing suits and summer clothes...and honestly it's getting nice out and my toenails should not see the light of day (and that's unfortunate because flip flops and I are bffs).  So the conclusion to this rant was that Mike would take a day off from work next week and I can have the day to myself to do things FOR ME!!

Mommy guilt is setting in as I think about my day off...Is it bad that I'm so looking forward to a day by myself??

PS - Discussed this with Mike a little further (after I wrote the post) and I was explaining how even though Jenna goes to sleep early, it's not really "Me" Time because I always have an ear on the monitor or waiting for him to get home and he said "Well that can be considered 'mmm time' - you know like half  'me' time" 

I laughed - he's lucky he's funny.

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  1. mmm time! very funny.

    you could take a sunday afternoon, 4 or 5 hours and go do some shopping and pedi... I know it sucks cause then it takes away from family time... or maybe Mike could come home at 3 or 4pm one day (I know a little easier said than done) and you could take the afternoon off?