Thursday, April 15, 2010

My Love/Hate Relationship with the Pacifier

Okay so here it goes the great pacifier debate - one side says to get rid of it ASAP the other side says why mess with a good thing?  I get it...I get both sides of this - Jenna happens to be a good sleeper and one nights when she stirs (that's our word for a little whimper but not fully awake) that pacifier is literally a god send - stick it in and nighty night she goes...

But there's a much darker side to the pacifier...we have 3 in our rotation at the moment - she keeps one in her mouth and likes to hold onto others in her sleep.  I am obsessed with knowing where all 3 are at all times. They are different colors so we refer to them by color...I can't tell you how often our conversations go something like this:

Honey, where's the purple one?
I think it's in her crib
It's not - where is it???
Did you check the diaper bag or the floor or the stroller??

At this point I am frantically looking for a f**ing plastic thing all over my house.  RIDICULOUS!!
And Jenna likes to throw them - tosses them out of the crib (to which I am on my hands and knees searching for them) or out of the stroller (I have been known to backtrack a couple of blocks hoping to find this piece of plastic!) or out of the carseat (I have had to pull over to retrieve them from the floor)

I know there are many reasons to get rid of them - teeth, attachment...blah blah blah - I need to cut my attachment to these damn things and I am just tired of depending on a little thing to get my kid to sleep.

So Jenna's world and my world is about to be ROCKED because one of these days (soon) I am going to have the balls to throw them out and not look back.  My husband response "what do we do when she wakes up? How is she going to fall asleep?" Well...I guess we're just going to have to find out...god help us!


  1. I hate the paci so much. I really do. I am thinking of all the ways I can avoid it the next time around.
    I'm terrified to take it away. Really. How sad. :)

  2. UGH!! Me too - tonight was supposed to be the 1st night without it - she was exhausted and I thought I had a chance...then I totally caved - she started to wail and I gave in - not only gave in - I threw 3 of them in the crib for good measure! I am a total wuss!!