Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Back to School

Spent the morning up at my school today - told my principal that I'll be back in September...told all the teachers...and saw all the kids.  It's funny how you can work in a place for years, but take a little bit of time off (for me it will be a total of 18 months) and it's like a foreign place.  I was so nervous heading over there today - not sure exactly what was making me nervous but just anxious about going back to my old life again I guess. 
I haven't been a teacher or a colleague or a professional for over a year - I've been a mommy.  And I hope that I keep a good perspective about things. 

After spending a couple of hours there, I realized that I'm very lucky - I work for good people, work with great people (some of my best friends) and the kids are fantastic.  I remember when I first went for an interview there and I had to do a lesson in front of several teachers, they asked if I was nervous and I said as I looked at all the kids in the classroom, "not anymore."  That's kind of how I felt today - seeing the kids, being in the classrooms, I know it will be nice to be back. 

Of course, I don't have to fill out official paperwork until September, so I can always change my mind (just kdding!)

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  1. love the about me. its awesome! great pics. I should be in bed.