Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Car Riding

We just got our first car in over 10 years...by choice, hubby and I have been car-less for a very long time.  We live in the city where everything we need is just a walk or a subway ride away and anyplace that we need to drive to is handled with zip car.  We recently leases a Honda CRV...very exciting for us - nice and big enough for all the baby stuff you inevitably lug around and big enough for a potentially 'growing' family. 

But here's the thing - Jenna is not used to being in the car and by not used to I mean not happy in it.  Especially since she's been able to walk she doesn't really appreciate being strapped into anything (strollers, carseats).  So even though I always said I would never plan my life around her naps, I'm finding myself doing just that (how many things do we say we'd never do and end up doing them anyway) - but you know what - that doesn't always work!

We took a day trip to Pennsylvania this weekend to visit some friends and family.  It's about a 2 hour car trip door to door.  We left in the morning and timed it with Jenna's morning nap - and she did nap - sort of...closed her eyes for a bit then would open them then close them again (not sure that it really counts as a nap if she's never fully out).  And then when we had about 15-20 minutes left to our trip the crying and whining began. Fun times! On cue, hubby looked over at me and said "why'd we get a car?" (getting the car was more my push than his).  So we listened to her Music Together CD - well just the first song (it's her favorite) over and over until we finally got to grandma's house.  Okay - not horrible...but not wonderful either...

Coming home - probably left too late, but c'mon she typically goes to bed on the earlier side (I'm talking 6:30ish) - we're not going to leave a barbecue on a beautiful Saturday at 6:00!  So we ended up getting on the road around 8ish...it was really dark by then but again, Jenna was in and out of sleep the entire ride home.  To the point where I had to climb into the backseat to keep her in sleepy-land....Again, not horrible, but certainly not relaxing either...On the bright side she transferred into her crib pretty well - only took a few minutes to get comfortable and then slept through the night. 

I'm not really complaining, well maybe a little bit!  I'm thinking it could be just getting used to being in a car a little more often or maybe getting used to her new big girl carseat (facing forward now!), or maybe she's just not into road trips!

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  1. Our Car holds 6 cds and 3 of them are music together,and the other one is a CD that has her name in every song. Everytime we get in the car, Josh and I have the same converstaion.
    Josh: Could we please just listen to the radio this time?
    Me: Sure, we should be fine...
    then there is traffic or she is over looking out the window and listening to our music.
    and the HELLO SONG quickly goes on...
    Josh literally wants to jump out the window...he fully knows all the words to all 3 CD's and has only been to one class.