Monday, April 12, 2010

My Fear in Real Life

You know how every mom has their "thing" - The one thing that they're super nervous about...for one friend it's the sun and the damage it can do, for another it's changing the diaper very often, others are crazy about germs and where they fester...well my thing  is choking.  This is my fear...this is what makes me crazy...this is what gives me grey hairs!  When Jenna was a couple of months old I took Baby CPR for friends and family - it was great - I did it in a friend's house and she went through the steps for choking and not breathing and even talked about other safety things (burns, baby-proofing, etc).  So I not only acknowledge my fear, but I feel as though I prepared myself.  When we had J's 9 month appointment, I spoke to her pediatrician about it and she went through the basic steps of what to do and told me "do not make your issues her issues...she needs to eat lots of different textures and not just tiny pieces."

And I have been great about it - I am fortunate to have a great eater - this is a kid who will eat a whole banana or munch on a strawberry (holding them herself) for an afternoon snack.  Tonight for dinnner, I gave her a string cheese to hold and eat (she's done this successfully before).  She took a pretty big bite and I told her calmly to chew and then I realized that she was wasn't talking choking...seriously THIS IS MY FEAR. 

I quickly grabbed her out of the high chair  (I do not strap her in but more on that in a minute) folded her over my arm and whacked her back...out flew the cheese and the I've never been happier to hear her cry and cry she did.  I guess it scared her as much as it scared me but I kept saying to her "look honey you're okay and mommy did such a good job!" I was so proud of the way I handled it - calmly and efficiently.  I did not freak out like I thought I would, but really just jumped into action. 

So now the strap thing...We have the Fisher Price high chair.  I love it, but in order to take the tray off, you need two hands. So we've been reclining the chair, slipping Jenna in and putting it back into an upright position.  I do not strap her in because in an emergency (like today) I want to be able to pull her out quickly (which I was able to do). I know lots of people will say it's not safe and she can climb out - but understand that choking is my thing and trust me when I say that my child is never left unattended in that high chair with food EVER. 

So with all this being said, I am happy that I 1. took baby CPR and 2. I handled myself well.

*Here's is the link to the American Red Cross - you can search for classes in your area!

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