Thursday, September 19, 2013

Changing hats

I've been back at work for a little over a week and as with the beginning of every school year, I'm still just getting a handle on things. New curriculum, new kids, new expectations, and for hats.

Doing the daily change from teacher hat to mom hat is hard work.

I'm that teacher who leaves school when the day is over...gone are the days of staying late to finish grading something or reading ahead. I have two little people that by 3:17, I need to see. 

In my ten minute drive (I know I'm very lucky) from work to daycare I have to decompress...forget anything crappy that may have happened at work, let anything that didn't get done wait til tomorrow,  and muster up the energy that I know my two kids are going to have.

It takes a whole lot of mustering on my part not to just put on the TV and shut it down when we get home cause man I am TIRED. But I know winter is coming and the days of playing outside are dwindling. And I'm trying...and this mommy hat still fits better than my teacher one.

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