Monday, September 23, 2013

Kids Say the Darndest Things (Not my kids this time)

I rarely rarely post about work, but sometimes something happens that I need to write about.
I'm hoping the humor comes through as funny as it actually was (or at least as funny as I thought it was).
I'm teaching fifth grade - so they're typical 10 year olds and I have some great 'personalities' in my class and this was part of my math lesson today...

The kids were doing a word problem that involved several different sized "bouncy balls" - Now why a textbook company would write  a word problem for 10 year olds about bouncy balls is beyond me.  But needless to say, several of my boys started giggling.
I ignored.
At first.
Then it got a little much and one kid loudly says, "He's talking about the OTHER BALLS!"
So I say, "What balls are you talking about?" (how I kept a straight face is beyond me)
The kid was speechless (and I was trying so hard not to laugh).
I asked again, "What balls?"
And another (smart) kid chimes in, "No no no Ms. K, he was talking about the 75 millimeter balls - the problem was talking about the 40 millimeter ones."

Ahh I he was talking about the bigger balls.

You just can't make this up.


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