Monday, May 20, 2013


Last week, I get a text from my friend and it went something like this:

I have tickets to tonight's Mets game. Free through work.  Come with me - It's to support kids with special needs. I'll buy beer.
At Citifield - not that you can tell

After a little back and forth with Mike to make sure he would be home to be with the kids.
My response:


Spontaneous. My friend could not get over how spontaneous I was. I like spur of the moment plans. (It felt 'spur of the moment' even though it took about a half hour to secure childcare). Especially ones that involve being outside on a nice night for a good cause.

It was a beautiful night to be at Citifield.

I ate a sweet sausage for dinner (yummy) but I never did get that beer....

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