Friday, May 17, 2013

Adult time?

Daddy jumps off furniture
Adult time does not exist in our house right now.  I know it's  just a phase and I definitely miss my husband but it is what it is. Mike gets home on the later side from work, sometimes in time to put Alex to bed at 7:30 and then we have dinner/bath/bedtime routine with Jenna, who doesn't go to bed until 9/9:30.  She still has nap time at daycare, so getting her to bed earlier is close to impossible. And quite honestly by 9:30, both of us are spent.  And so maybe we have a chance to sit on the couch and watch some TV or talk but it usually ends with Mike rubbing my feet and me passing out.  Fun times.

But I guess it's kind of our choice. I could choose to send Jenna to a school that doesn't have nap time.  And she would absolutely go to bed earlier (that's what happens on the weekends). But here's the catch - she would never see Mike during the week. I would have both kids sleeping by 7:30 and Mike would come home to a quiet house. And yes, we'd have our 'adult time' but he wouldn't have any kid time. And they wouldn't have any daddy time. And right now, my kids, especially Jenna, need to see their daddy during the week.  The three (and sometimes four) of us have dinner together every night. We eat, we talk about our day, and we clean up together. That time is important to us.

I guess even though I'm a stay at home mom, I still have the 'working mom mentality.' I'll be back at work in a couple of months and I think I would die if my kids were in bed so soon after I got home.  They would see me for only a few hours and not see Mike at all. Right now, I don't feel like I'm enough for them during the week, and if it means less adult time for us, but more mommy/daddy time for them...then so be it.

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