Friday, March 22, 2013


Four years ago, two and a half weeks early, my little girl came into this world.
Four years ago, my first words whispered in her ear were "God, you're beautiful."

I've been struggling with what to write about my big girl's birthday.  There are days when I look at her and she's still such a baby and other days when her maturity simply amazes me.

I looked back at the letter I wrote her on her third birthday and remembered how we were all still getting used to being a family of four and this past year, everything has just come together so nicely. Our family is complete. And our big girl is four.

My beautiful big girl...
You love dancing and singing (loud and off key like your mommy).
You love your Rapunzel is your favorite.  Tomorrow it will be another.
You ask how to spell words and can spell Mommy, Daddy, Jenna and Alex without help.
You are athletic (like your daddy) and love gymnastics.
You are artistic and love to color/paint/doodle...
You talk...a lot. And you tell a great story.
Your smile and laughter is contagious.
You hate sleeping in your bed/room and mommy and daddy are understanding of this (most nights).
Your Jenna-isms make us laugh "I can do it all my by myself" is my favorite.
You are an unbelievable big sister. Alex is very lucky to have you. As are we.

We love you more than you'll ever know.

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