Thursday, November 15, 2012

First Steps

Last time it was a Wednesday afternoon just two weeks shy of 11 months...this time it was a Thursday afternoon just two weeks shy of 11 months and I have to say it's just as cool the second time.
Those first few steps...watching the "I did it!" look on their faces...thinking "oh man, there's no turning back now" is just amazing.

Last time, I just felt so fortunate to be home and be the first one to see these steps happen.  This time, I couldn't wait to pick his big sister up from school and tell her/show her the big news.  She certainly didn't disappoint.  When I told her in class, she ran around the class yelling, "He's walking! My baby brother's walking!" THEN, when she got home and saw it for herself...she pulled him into what can only be called a bear hug/sleeper hold and said "Oh Alex, I'm so proud of you!"

And that makes me one really proud mommy today.

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