Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I am so Not Mom of the Year

When I saw this contest going on from the ladies at Life Without Pink and the Momologist, I had to join in on the fun.  Over the last almost 16 months, I have had countless moments where I've said "Well I guess I'm not winning the mommy of the year award!"

NOT Mom of the Year Award

It's all in good fun, but when I started thinking about specific instances where I was certainly not mom of the year - the few that came to mind quick all had to do with Jenna falling - from high and low.  I'm laughing writing this, but really, it's kinda not funny.  But I guess since I know she's okay, I'm allowed to laugh about it...

First the low...
At two weeks old (she was super little) we had her in bed with us.  God we were just trying to get some sleep and at that point the only way she would sleep was on our chest.  Well that's where she was, and I must of been completely sleep deprived, because I forgot she was there and rolled over and she dropped off my chest from the bed onto the floor.  Panic insued. Pediatrician called and visited.  She was/is fine.  I didn't tell anyone about this for months because I was afraid they would say I wasn't a good mommy. 

Now the middle...
You thought the bed was high...umm no...Jenna's fallen from higher.  Right around her first birthday, we went with some friends to the Long Island Children's Museum.  Great place for kids of all ages.  Well, they have this toddler room where the kids can run around and climb on things.  In the room they had this awesome real life motorcycle. I really wanted to get Jenna up there (you know where this is going right?!?)
Well we got this adorable picture first....

And then she went falling off the motorcyle.  You see my arm on the right, well she fell left, and what you don't see in the picture is some small steps next to the bike (so kids can walk up to it).  Yeah she fell off, bounced down the steps and landed with a thud.  I swear  I was watching her - I have proof - my hand is holding her!! But she fell, this time from pretty high up.
And the high...
If you're a reader of my blog (and you should be if you're not already), you know this story.  It was a few months ago, and we were staying at our friend's HOUSE.  We live in an apartment.  I thought Mike had her, he thought I had her. Well the stairs had her.  All we heard {he was in the bathroom, I was in the bedroom} was a thud and screaming. Jenna fell down a pretty substantial flight of stairs.  Thing is, I have no idea if she walked down a few and then slid down the rest, or if she slid on her butt, or if she flipped down them...it's probably better off.  Cause either way, she fell down a flight of stairs. It was a holy shit moment if there ever was one. 
Thank god our kid is tough because she's taken some good falls.  It's not that we don't watch her, it's just that I'm not mom of the year!

Join in the fun! Why should you get the Not Mom of the Year Award??


  1. Maybe its Jenna! She needs a helmet LOL!

  2. When Joshua was a few months old, my H had him home for a 1/2 day. He fell off the changing table. The H called me at work freaking out that he'd just permanently damaged our son and I was calm and he was all "HOW ARE YOU NOT FREAKING OUT RIGHT NOW??" and I said "Do you want me to come home and freak out with you??" Glad Jenna's okay! I'm sure it won't be the last fall she'll ever have.

  3. I remember when my son was about 4 months old, I was putting away laundry and I put him in the middle of our bed, and somehow he rolled all the way to the edge and rolled right off and I heard a THUD. He was fine, but I felt SO awful...like the worst mom in the world! I was sure that someone was going to turn me in if I told anyone!!!

    Thanks so much for entering our contest!

  4. This happened to me too! My oldest son was about 5 - 6 months old and was sleeping in bed with us {in the middle}. I got out of bed at like 3am to get a drink - it was completely dark. I remember thinking I forgot to put a pillow next to him but figured he has never rolled before and I was only going to be a minute. Then THUD - as loud as could be. I heard no crying but knew what it was and my heart sank. My husband jumped up and started screaming. Thankfully my kid was ok but I felt so bad I called out of work that day, haha.

    Thanks for linking up!

  5. It stinks when our kids fall! Fortunately for the most part they are built with some padding...
    Thanks 4 entering! Your post was enjoyable to read!

  6. Something similar happened to me too. I had my monkeyman in his moby wrap. I bent over to get his pacifier for the millionth time & forgot to hold him as I bent over. Yup he fell out. Granted it wasnt too high but he still cried his head off. Yeah...didn't tell anyone for a coupla months either.

  7. Each of my children has taken a tumble or two. My oldest fell out of a shopping cart at Costco onto the concrete floor. Oops!

  8. Loving the comment love today! Thanks! I know it's part of growing up - but i can't help but think my kid falls a bit frequently! HA!

  9. My daughter fell down the stairs a few weeks ago and I. flipped. out. But I'm told it's good for them. Toughens the skull and all that.

  10. Is it wrong that I'm laughing through all of this? My oldest fall off a high playground structure...it was like in slow motion- smack on his back(he was a few months shy of two), but he just got up and yelled, "AGAIN!!!!" and headed back to climb up. I thought I was going to have a heart attack.