Saturday, May 22, 2010

My Day "Off"

If you're a follower then you know that this week I had a "day off." Hubby took control of all things Jenna and I got to take care of ME! I'm still amazed that I actually have to schedule time to do that, but the reality is that I do. 
There were some things I wanted to do for me but I also wanted to take advantage of J's naps and spend time with my hubby.  We started the day getting Jenna's blood drawn (beyond horrible experience - but that's for another post) then came back home for her morning nap.  I just relaxed and read my book, drank my coffee and hung out with Mike.  Once she woke up I got a manicure and pedicure while Mike took her to the park.  We met for lunch. I did some shopping and came home for her afternoon nap.  Then (the best part of my day) I took a bath while Mike took her out again.  It was awesome to sit in the bath and relax in the middle of the day. I wasn't worried that she'd wake up or if I had things to do around the house...I just soaked. 
I know there are some people that will probably say I didn't take enough advantage, but truth be told, I really enjoy my family.  I really like hanging out with Jenna - I think she's so freaking cute and funny and just fun to be around. 
I'm happy I got some time to do some things for me and happy that I have a supportive husband who encouraged me to do it.  I'm also happy that once she was sleeping for the night, Mike looked over at me and said "This is freaking hard...I'm exhausted!" 

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