Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I got friends...

I realized it's been months since I posted to my blog and when I was reading back on my other posts, I saw just how far I've come and how much happier and confident I am now than I was just months ago. Much of that is due to the friends that I've met and the friends that I've always had.

I was reading an article in some pre-baby magazine that I still subscribe to - magazines where the focus is makeup and fashion as opposed to diapers and sleep training. Anyway, the article talked about the different types of friends all women should have...and this got me thinking about the types of friends I have and I thought of my own list. These women in my life have helped (are helping) me get through the trials and tribulations of being a mommy...

#1 - Friends with Kids the Same Age - I am lucky to have several of these - they are the women who at times I feel as though we are living in parallel universes. These women remind me that my daughter is 'normal' and I am too. We talk so much that we've become friends not just mommy-friends. Our conversations still seem to go back to our kids, but I think we're getting to that closeness where we talk about normal stuff too.

#2 - Friends with Older Kids- Just a few months make a huge difference in the lives of our little ones. for me, they provide the "I've been there" advice and help me realize that there are many phases that J is going to go through.

#3 - Working Friends - These are my girlfriends who went back to work. They show me that you can be a working mommy and still be good at both. Now that I'm officially planning on going back to work in September, these are the friends who tell me it's ok and J will be fine and I will be too.

#4 - Before I Became a Mommy Friends - In some ways these are the most important to me. Although many of my friends who have known me prior to J do not have babies and that can make things hard. These are the women who know Melissa - not mommy-Melissa or even wife-Melissa - but the Melissa that existed (and still comes out once in a while) before my husband and my daughter. They remind me that I am still allowed to win a game of beer pong and go home to my baby afterwards. Some don't even ask about J and at first I got upset and now I'm almost thankful that our conversations are not about my daughter. I need them...I don't even know that they realize how much I do.

#5 - Friends who are Having Babies - This is fun for me - I have two friends who are pregnant and I am overwhelmed with excitement for them. I am doing my best to instill on them all the knowledge (which isn't much, as we all know) that I wish someone had told me. It's nice to be on the other side of advice-giving for a change.

I think women are social creatures who need to talk things out and analyze everything. I know I certainly do. Friends have always been and will continue to be a major part of who I am...

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