Friday, May 24, 2013

My Theory on People

One of my theories about the world is that there are two types of people: those that like children and those that don't.  In my experiences, people fall into one of these two categories.  You can usually tell which category a person falls in by walking past them on the street with your kid(s) - those that like children smile at them, those that don't, walk right past.

On our walk home from school, Jenna was carrying a paper fan that she made at school. {This is her new favorite thing to do with any paper that's big enough to fold.} Well the wind gusted and took her fan flying into the middle of Queens Blvd.  For people not from Queens, this street is lovingly called the 'Boulevard of Death,' so it's a pretty major and somewhat dangerous thoroughfare.  

Cue the tears...not just tears...but SOBS. {Over a f***ing paper fan, but that's beside the point}

Mike and I watch the fan take off and make a pseudo-effort to retrieve it but end up deciding it's not worth it.  Jenna is still sobbing.  I pick her up and try to talk her down from this ledge, explaining that it's a (fucking) paper fan and we can make another one at home. But she's still so upset.

We continue to walk and about a block later a man on a bike rides up next to us and gives Jenna back her fan.  We thanked him profusely and he rode off.  
Reunited and it feels so good

There are still some good people in this world. And I am positive about what category this man falls into. 

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  1. It warms my heart when people do things like this...and I think you are right about two types of people!