Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Taking a Break

The last couple of months have been pretty intense around here - we added a new member to our family, celebrated J's 3rd birthday, went on a family trip to Prague and have been doing the typical running around that people do with their kids.  Needless to say, Mike and I needed a break. A break from the routine. A break from sleepless nights. A break from the kids.
Some might read this and gasp at the idea.  But for the sake of being honest, we did. We needed a break from the two little people who require a whole lot from us all.the.time. And luckily for us, I have two parents who happily took on the responsibility of the two little people so we could get our break.  Since my birthday is coming up, we felt this was a perfect opportunity for us.  We didn't go far but drove far enough to feel like we got away.  We went to this adorable spa in Connecticut and basically got massaged, sat in a jacuzzi, tasted some wines, had tea and scones ate good food and most importantly had a great night's sleep.  We needed this.  We needed the break.  We needed to just be husband and wife and not mommy and daddy, if only for a day or two.
The best part? Coming home to my kids and hearing that they were great while we were gone...ate well...slept well...and behaved with grandma and papa. I can't say that I "missed" them (I mean it was only one night!) but I definitely was excited to come home and be done with my break.

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