Saturday, May 12, 2012

Princess Problems

We're having some princess problems over here. My daughter is OBSESSED with princesses - now I can (kind of) deal with the movies and princess toys. But she takes it to the next level...she insists on wearing a "princess dress" (which is really any dress)  This drives me INSANE.
skirts are ok too!
First of all, I am the furthest thing from a girly-girl ever. My idea of an outfit is jeans, t-shirt, and flip flops with my hair in a messy pony tail. I refused to wear frilly underwear as a kid and in every school picture I'm wearing sweat pants.  (When I asked my mom about this, she said I refused to wear dresses - karma's a bitch!)

 But J has taken it to another level - the biggest insult she can give another little girl is "you are NOT a princess!" And she'll tell you this if you're not wearing a dress. I don't know where she got this from...but it's too a point where she says she's not a princess if she's not wearing a dress. At school, she had a full on meltdown when they had to change her clothes and all they had were pants. 
 This kind of breaks my heart. I want her to feel like a 'princess' no matter what she's wearing.  And we try to enforce this when she's playing soccer (and can't wear a dress) by saying how she's still a princess even in her soccer jersey. And when she has swim - obviously, she's a swimming princess.
Are we doing major psychological self-esteem damage here? Is this just a princess phase? Will she ever wear pants again? Are there any princesses that wear pants?
My husband makes fun of me, he thinks this is "my" issue - not hers. My response to him?
"You are NOT a prince!"


  1. Tell me about it! The princess phase began over here in Nursery and carried on into pre-K. It sounds like you are handling it well! I'm not a big fan of it all! I too understand the dress thing - my daughter would leave the house looking like a glittery tulle pink explosion everyday if I let her (with enough accessories to rival a Christmas tree). J looks adorable by the way. Have you read her The Paper Bag Princess by Robert Munsch?

  2. The Paper Bag Princess is one of my all time favorite stories...and doesn't Jasmine in Aladdin wear pants?