Monday, July 11, 2011

Doctor's Orders

So this summer I had planned to keep my little monkey home from daycare at least 2-3 days a week.  We have to pay for daycare all summer to hold her spot and I thought that would be a great compromise - a few days for some "me time" and a few for "mommy and J time."

This plan hit some snafus (sp?) - First, Dr's orders say I'm not allowed to lift her - more on that in another post. And well...I guess there is no other real reason.  But try to do something fun and productive with your toddler without lifting them all day and let me know how that goes...So my plan got altered a bit.

But Dr.'s orders or not, I still have the summer off and I still desperately want to spend some quality time with my adorable daughter.  So when my neighborhood girlfriends suggested a beach day (or really Beach Morning) I was all in.  We hit the road around 9:00 to get to a great beach (short walk from the parking lot, family friendly, and not too far away). The day was amazing...really amazing. J loved the ocean, loved the sand, loved the snacks, and hanging out with her buddies.

Thanks to Katy for the pic!

It reminded me how  much I miss being a stay at home mom.  I loved spending the whole day with her and just enjoying her company and the company of all my friends here.  We left the beach around noon with plans to nap her when we got home.

And then it happened...J napped in the car (20 minutes) which as any SAHM would tell you - is a nightmare.  Yes, it's great that she closed her eyes for a bit, but I was driving while she napped, which meant that I got zero downtime.  I tried to transfer her into her bed and for about 10 minutes I was fooled into thinking that maybe the transfer actually worked.  It didn't.

And now here we are around 4:00 and this working mommy turned SAHM for a day is exhausted and the toddler is running around like a maniac.

So now...I'm looking forward to dropping her off at daycare tomorrow morning - after all, it is "Dr.'s orders."

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  1. It's torture when they fall asleep for two seconds. You never get them to fall asleep again (they think they've had a nap, right?) Peanut didn't nap at all that day. The beach was great, but I can totally understand your exhaustion that day!!