Monday, July 19, 2010

so proud

I really sucked at my blog last week.  Sorry to those who care, sorry for myself because there's been some real life stuff that just took over my brain...some I can write about, other stuff not so much.  That's what pisses me off about blogging - I know the mantra "it's my blog I can write what I want" but I know some of the people who read this and they know me and my family.  So I'll leave it at that and stick with some good/fun news that's been going on...

I write so much about how proud I am of Jenna's accomplishments, but this weekend, Mike took the cake.  He completed the NYC Triathlon yesterday. It's always an amazing event, but this year it felt even more important.  He's been doing this race for years (this is his 5th one) but last year he missed it because we were knee dip in infancy with Jenna and the thought of him training was just out of the question. Our agreement was that he would do it this year.  This meant lots of training and time away from us and some fights, and some compromises (like our jogging stroller which I love!).  So this year, although he was the one swimming (1 mile), biking (26 miles) and running (6 miles), all in under 3 hours, I might add. 

I felt like it was a family affair.  We made signs and Jenna was super cute cheering him on. 

I can't begin to express how proud I am of him for doing this year after year.  It's really remarkable.

End of the race - tired baby & tired daddy!

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  1. so amazing!!!!!!!!!! I would be very proud too! Love the signs..hope all is well