Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I'll Tumble for Ya!

Smiling as I write the title of this post but trust me when I say that I was not smiling when this happened.  And since Chris didn't want to hear the full story til I blogged about it...here it is...

Hubby and I stayed at our friends' house Friday night because they were all running the Spring Lake 5 on Saturday morning.  We had our alarms set (which I don't think we've done in 14 months) for 5 am...which woke all three of us up with a start. 

Now let me say this now - We live in an apartment and apparently supervising your child in an apartment is VERY different than supervising in a house (read: there are steps in a house). 

Our friends' three kids were still sleeping and we were kind of running around getting ourselves and Jenna ready.  I went into the bedroom and Mike went into the bathroom.  I thought he had her and he thought I had her.  Then we both hear the BOOM and WAHHHH!
:::OH SHIT:::
We rush out of our rooms to find Jenna lying on the landing of their stairs, wailing.  She must've rolled down, or flipped over, or just jumped over the 7 steps (we have no idea exactly what she did because we weren't there to see it).  We grab her and procede to 'whisper yell' at each other (since there are still three sleeping kids in the house), we fought over who's fault it was and who was supposed to be watching her....and well...we were both wrong...Truth is, neither one of us was watching her and thank god (and carpeting) she was okay. I know kids are resilient and tougher than we think they are but seriously that was some scary shit. 

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  1. i am so glad we live in an apartment with no stairs! they are like baby crack.