Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Car Tricks

We lived without a car for many years and about 2 months ago, we decided that it was time to get one - I'll need one for when I go back to work in September, but decided to get it earlier so we can enjoy the summer and get to places we want to go easier. 

That being said, Jenna was barely in a car for the first 12 months of her ilfe, so this whole car thing is kind of new to her and we're constantly trying to find ways to make it more pleasant for her (and for us!) 

This past weekend, we took several long car trips (6 to be exact) and I really don't like sitting in the back seat unless I absolutely have to.  So we got together a bag of tricks to help us out...
* Goldfish, mum mums, puffins, and anything else she could eat independently and that were not very choking-hazard-ish.  When we first got the car I swore she would never eat in it - how quickly I changed my tune!

* Baby Tad - It's big enough for her to hold onto and me to pick up if she drops it on the floor

* Music Together CDs - We kind of wanted to shoot ourselves after hearing them over and over, but it kept her happy and a happy baby = happy parents on long car rides!

* Cell phones - we give her old ones that still turn on to play with

With our new bag of tricks (and naps along the way) the car rides were actually pretty enjoyable!


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