Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Husband & Wife Time

This weekend Mike and I went out for dinner and Jenna slept at Grandma and Papa's house. 


Little J hasn't slept out in a couple of months - most babysitting has been at our house with us coming home late.  So I was a little nervous about the overnight.  I knew she would (eventually) fall asleep for them and I knew that they would never let her cry but I didn't want them to be up all night either - I would feel horrible. 

So we took her over there around 4 ish and hung out for a while.  We figured this would give her a better transition.  I told them I probably wouldn't call but to call me if they needed anything.  We heard her cry for a second when we walked out but according to them it was the only time she cried.

We went home, got dressed (I wore heels!!) and headed out.  Mike had been working all week on finding a place for us that I would like. We started out at a champagne bar which was a great place, super cozy and it wasn't too crowded since it was before dinner.  Then we went to a great Tapas restaurant.  I'm not a super fancy person and we love Tapas, so this was PERFECT.  We got to just talk and hang out.  It felt like we were dating again, which was awesome.  And even better, we got to come home to an empty apartment and sleep as late as we wanted.  It was like we got to remember why we're married all over again. 

When we got Jenna in the morning, my parents (truthfully) said she was great, fell asleep in my mom's arms  around 8, slept in the pack n play til around 4, then slept in bed with them til 7:30.  They had a blast and so did Jenna. 

I'm thinking we need to do this more often....

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