Monday, April 5, 2010

Back to Work...

This week I am going to call my school (I am an elementary school teacher) to make an appointment for next week.  The decision has been made that I will be going back to work in the fall.  I have the most amazing 12+ months being home with Jenna.  And I'm already starting to feel sad about heading back to work.  In moments of real sadness I look at her and say "I'm sorry I'm going to be leaving you in daycare so I can go and take care of other people's children." Then in moments of excitment about going back I say "You are going to have so much fun in daycare and learn so much."
I am extremely fortunate to have the career I have...where else can you say that you can take off 4 years off with each child and still return to your school (yep! 4 years for each kid), have half the year off (between summers and vacations, it's half a year), get out by 3:30             
most days, and know that you're making a difference?!?!
J playing in a gym class - one of the perks of being home with her

When I start to panic about going back, I have friends who say - you still have another 5 months - but as any mommy knows...those 5 months are going to fly by. I mean I feel like I gave birth yesterday! And Jenna is super fun now - she's walking around and starting to communicate with us and she's just turning into such a little person...but it's time - financially and emotionally, work will be good for our family. Then I had one friend who said "well at least you'll have this summer with her" and I thought - well I'm going to have every summer with her. Who would've thought that my decision to become a teacher (which did not come easily) would be such a great career to have when becoming a mommy.
Knowing that my time fully home with Jenna is coming to an end has made me even more grateful for the fact that I have had so much time home with her.  And I'm sure that come September I'll be counting the days until our first vacation...Jewish holidays? Columbus Day?


  1. I understand what you mean fully! I work at a middle school and my decision has been made NOT to come back next fall (unless something crazy comes about). I went back to work a little over 5 weeks after she was born and have been a wreck ever since. I just got off of spring break and my heart is crushed that I am going to be missing more time with her and the fact that she is doing something new each day and I am missing those things have been so hard. I am fortunate to have so much time off to be with her, but the moments that I have missed already I will never get back. Financially it is a very tough decision... but I think that I need this time with my daughter!

  2. I totally get that - I'm hoping that since I've been home from the beginning and she'll be 18 months when I go back will make it (a little) easier...