Saturday, April 10, 2010

Baby's 1st "Real" Passover

In truth, Jenna was around for Passover last year, but she was like a week old and I'm pretty sure there wasn't much going on since I was still in my very dark place (which is what I call the first 6 weeks of Jenna's life).
Our Passover Table

This year, I decided to go nuts and make the first seder.  Understand that in my family if you are hosting a holiday, you do the cooking (we're not one of those 'everyone brings a dish' families).  Not sure what made me want to do this, especially since Passover came right after Jenna's first birthday parties...but I did.  My mom said she would come over to help watch the baby and that was all I really needed - someone to watch my toddler while I cooked up Passover. 

And you know something, it was amazing.  The food was delicious (if I do say so myself!) and what was even better was that it was our seder.  Mike got to lead seder and we got to start some of our own family traditions...Jenna had an I love matzah bib and My First Passover book and a plush seder plate and of course the plagues.  We used our kiddush cup from our wedding as Elijah's cup and used our china and our linens and both our moms gave us seder plates. It was really a nice way for us to combine our two families and start making some traditions of our own. 

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