Thursday, February 18, 2010

Weight a Minute!

I feel like I can write about my baby weight now that it's all (finally!) off...J is almost 11 months old. Now let me go back to pre-pregnancy Melissa...I have never had a weight problem, always thought of myself as pretty active, liked going to the gym, and have never been on a diet. Then I got pregnant and several things happened that hindered my ability to stay in that "healthy" 25-20 pound weight gain range.

#1 - had spotting in my first trimester and my ob-gyn told me to lay off on the gym for a while. I understood that to mean, no exercising - the spotting really scared me and I didn't want to hurt my baby in any way. So I did some minimal walking, but that was about it

#2 - we were in the middle of some major changes in our life - we were selling our condo in Hoboken and in the process of buying our apartment in Queens - stressful to saythe least!

#3 - due to the timing of the buying/selling, we moved in with my parents for about 5 months of my pregnancy (my husband is a saint). Let me just say that my parents were amazing to us, we didn't have to pay for a thing, so we were really able to save and they fed us wonderfully! Which basically meant that we had bread, pasta, and all sorts of deliciousness every night for dinner...

16 weeks - already gained about 12 pounds!

All this added up to my 50 pound weight just to give you an idea - I am 5'2" and petite...My last weight check at the Dr. put me at a whopping 170!! I remember my husband saying something like "don't worry about your gain, you'll always weight less than me" (well I got within 5 pounds of him!) And it's funny because at the time - I thought I looked like a super-cute pregnant woman - all belly...well I only saw my belly...what I didn't see was my ass an thighs that got so big that I couldn't fit into my maternity pants anymore.

36 weeks - holy cow!

It's ok because I can laugh about it now...unfortunately for me, my genetics are not so wonderful in this area, so the weight did not just fall off of me, like some of my friends. The initial 30 pounds came off without much work within a few months, but the last 20 pounds have been work to take off. I was doing a good job of going to the gym, (they have a wonderful babysitting service) but lately it's been tough because of J's nap schedule. So I joined Weight Watchers the Saturday after Thanksgiving. I always said that I wanted to be back to my pre-pregnancy weight by J's first birthday. I realized that I needed to just watch what I was putting in my mouth and it's worked. I am now back to my original weight (just in time to talk about baby #2) and I feel great. I don't know that I'll ever wear a bikini again because I have some pretty bad stretch marks (thanks, Mom for those genes) - but I think of them as battle scars! I'm kind of proud of my body and what it went through - I brought a life into this world (be it a small one weighing in at 6lbs 6oz)!...and if I have some stretch marks because of it - then so be it!

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  1. at 16 weeks you are TINY girl! And I think you are all belly at 36, especially in that picture. You should post a pic of TODAY cause you look F-A-B. I should email you my 39.5 week pic. It might scare you away from having a second :)