Monday, February 15, 2010

Tough times are worth it

Maybe it's because my baby's first birthday is fast approaching, or maybe it's just because we had a great weekend, but I'm finding myself feeling very "proud" of J these days. She's becoming such a big girl, so independent, and her personality is really starting to come out and it's just so fun to watch it all unfold.

Saturday we did some typical weekend things...went out for brunch - where my little girl ate and ate and ate (we seriously haven't found anything she won't eat). And at this point she is so focused on feeding herself that she wants nothing to do with the spoon filled with yogurt that I'm trying to feed her, unless of course, I give her the spoon and she does it herself! Then we did some food shopping, where she sat in the shopping cart like a big girl, and held onto some of the packages that we were buying...oh and ate through almost a whole package of puffs that we picked up as went up and down the aisles.

Sunday we had a family party in Pennsylvania. She was amazing...and i'm not just saying that...napped the whole way down in the car, woke up in a great mood, went hand to hand to hand to hand, and ate (again!) evreything in sight! There was a point where I looked over at her and my heart just filled up. I always said that I wanted to make sure my children are the kind who go to everybody and I have one! She smiles and flirts with everyone and it just makes me so proud.

She has taken a few (hesitant) steps on her own and knows what she wants and goes after it (she gets that from me!), whether it's her bottle, her sippy cup, or more mac and cheese. These are the things that make me think back to that little baby I took home from the hospital a little under a year ago and it's hard to believe it's the same person! I feel like it's easy to complain about some of the tough things that go along with parenting (and there are a bunch of them), but then there are those times where I find myself absolutely in awe of this little person..and you know what...all those tough things disappear.

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